I went for a long walk through the mountains today with a rotary rebound. she was in south africa, and of course, said she had a great time.

we talked about things i like, like my family, and things i dont like, the weather, and things i found strange, like the light show.

she was nice and helped me with my phrasing, and i learned a new word.

and i got to speak english, which was nice, and i found myself using slang and casual words and it felt so different and nice.

this area makes wine

all the mountains are braided with these lines of grapes. i wonder what prevents people from eating them.

it was a good walk.

i also saw this.

people are surprised when i tell them my jeep was considered small.

in terms of trucks, at least.



alla said...

grape looks great! did you try any?
my email did not send my letters. now you will get them all

Anonymous said...

i liked the part about braided grapes and wondering why people don't eat them
<3 kenley

i definetly like wine better than vodka

Anonymous said...

your jeep was the best. i was returning home from a cross country meet and saw one exactly like yours. and i mean to the yellow ball on the antenna.

yours had a pin on the seat though...better.


Anonymous said...

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