here we go

well i arrived at 8am german time, 2am mz time, and am still up and running. iäve been awake for 24 hours.

how does it feel? pretty bad.

so i got off the plane and they were waiting for me. a camera flash and a colored sign that said, "welcome to germany kostya"

it was held by a teary eyed woman. she is awesome. she loves her son max to death. he is over in the US. he's everywhere in that house.

i hung out with my host mom all day. her name is Gudrun.

we went to the grocery store. mr. clean is called Meister Proper.

you get your groceries and the lady beeps them in super fast and throws them into your cart. no bags. you take the cart out to the car looking just like it did before you bought it, and then unload itinto your car. they have baskets for it.

anything too big you can take the packaging off, and that packaging goes into a special box near the store.

we also saw my school. i won't be seeing it very much in the next month.