Laughing with my family

today, i laughed a lot.

my little brother is 13 so he is going through puberty or some thing.
so he is always yelling and whining. this morning i got to sleep an extra 30 minutes because he was crying downstairs and arguing and i did not want to interupt.

so, today at lunch, he started crying about something. i did not understand, but i think he did not like the meal. and was complaining there was not anything for him to eat.

i do not know, but he was really loud and obnoxious. and my host parents just laughed at him. and he was yelling and every once in a while you would hear one of those laughs that come when you are trying to keep a straight face, and all three of us would chuckle.

and he just got more angry.

then they told him to clean the table and he was not going to but they threatened a seisure of dessert so he obliged.

and they were teasing him so they told him to get the chocolate sprinkles for the pudding and he was still whining and crying and kept saying i won't get the choco-streusel. and i laughed even more, suppressed though, and he kept saying choco-streusel in the crying voice. "i dont see the choco-streusel. you get the choco-streusel." and my parents and i would just keep laughing.

oh it was so funny. i said i am sorry for laughing at him but just that word choco streusel sounds funny in that voice.

minutes later, was more laughter.

a background´:
at my language course is one other rotary student. a girl named Karla from Mexico. she has been here a month and her parents won't do anything fun for her, she is bored and doesnt have any friends.

so i said, i am sure my parents will let me go to Frankfurt alone, and she said she would ask hers.

well my host mother called the other mother and asked her if Karla was aloud to go sometime. and she got a kurt NO and she said that Rotary will not allow it and she has to go with an adult.

and my mom said that we are adults, being 18.
no. it is against rotary rules.

and it just went on and on and now if i do anything, i have to keep it a secret from any one rotary.

and i looked at my mom and she made this awesome face, like "blaugh blaugh blaugh"

and i had to leave the room i laughed so much.

and then my mom and i talked about it and she said, you will never go live with those people.

i said that those rules are supposed to be broken by rotary kids, and that is what i have heard from every single rotary kid that came back.

she said, yes i agree.

which made my day.

i laughed a lot. it was good.

so, my host mom will ask my councelor if i can get around alone.
if he says no though, i will still do it.
it will just be a secret.

hopefully, i will make some unrotary friends when i start school in november.

in a month i am going to Bavaria and then to Berlin for a tour.

and in december i go on a ski trip

sometime there is an only germany tour
and then in march is a european tour. i do not know exactly though.


drifting said...

I just caught up on your travels, sounds like you're having a good time! Keep in high spirits!


PS I got your parcel, thank you

Katy said...

Sounds great Kostya. Be careful though. Aren't you glad you got the family you did.

Anonymous said...

hey dude *ky voice* nope, sorry that is reserved only for ky. i am glad that you got the family you did. very kostya ish at least in the way i am picturing it. the boy looks like a girl. maybe just the picture. tonight i ate some vegan cooookies. tomorrow i am going raspberry picking. yay. i am grinning.
<3 kenley

Anonymous said...

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