Shadows and Snow

The snow doesn't come around here anymore. It is just periodic rain and 40 degree weather. Overcast. sometimes we have sun that cuts diagonally across the surface of the earth and creates the neat shadows you see here. But, though the earth is tilted so far away and Ann Arbor is about as north as we could ever get to see some snow fall, we are disappointed again and again. The best were the weeks leading up to finals last semester and it snowed and it snowed and i felt like i felt best when it was night time and we returned from the party's heat and i could recognize the ghosts in the snow, with the flakes cutting across but now its just the sun and the rain.

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Mistakes were Made

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Here is a mitten that Heidi lost and I was able to find again. On a snowy thursday before we all left for Christmas. The snow come back!

Also a pine tree with such pretty snow flakes in the lens. That makes me so happy. I feel really good.



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This was taken on Black Friday in Chicago and it felt like Home Alone 2, Holden Caulfield, and being 19 all roled into one. Just because it started snowing and I am young and inexperienced and will be for a long time.

It was so pretty though. It was like stereotypical Christmas.


My Mother, My Queen

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This I took as my mom read a story out loud to me. It was the night before I left Cincinnati to go to Morgantown. Exploding candlelight.

I don't like using flash very much with my photographs. The light meter allowed for a fairly decent exposure with the wide angle lens, so not too much blurred. This is our living room.