If you check this web log, Kenley, this one is for you.
On friday night, we had a party for my host moms birthday. some guests where there besides myself. It was a very good dinner, though very excessive.

there is an electric oven on the table, and you put a long piece of cheese on your mini frying pan.

and then on the cheese you put fillings, like meat, more cheese, tuna, corn, onions, etc. and then you fold the cheese over and stick it in the mini oven on the table. while everything melts, you eat salad. and then you scrape this melted cheese and hot filling on your plate and cut and eat it. i ate maybe 5. it was very good. then everyone took a pause and breathed a lot, and started again.

AND i had to eat two bowls of ice cream because one woman was too full. and ice cream doesnt deserve to melt.

here we are in their party cellar. they have a disco in their basement, with a sound board and lights and a dance floor and a bar. its very funny, and quirky.

(the guy on the bottom owns a clothing chain, so i talked with him about clothes, because i love clothes. and he is an ironman triathlete.)

and then tonight i was called down for dinner and i was told earlier we were having toast, but i came down, and it was toast indeed, but on top was ham, pineapple and melted cheese, and THEN they put a fried egg on top.

i ate 2 and a half.

crazy, but if you can imagine, delicious.


Anonymous said...

That is crazy. What did he say about clothes? are they sporty clothes? I hope you're writing me about these details. i hope you dance there someday in the party cellar.

Katy said...

Hi Kostya,
Benjamin wants one of those humongus pretzels. Will you please send him one. You just look so German in those photos. I would guess you are one of the family. Love it all.

Anonymous said...

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