Big Saturday

Today Otto, Gudrun and I drove to Frankfurt am Main to shop.

every single one of these buildings belongs to a different bank. Frankfurt is the bank capital of Germany. This is the new side of frankfurt. there is an old side, but much of the town was destroyed in the war, so there are more new things then old.
And supposedly, every building is a different exhibit of books or cars or electronics, but i didnt really understand their explanation. so i will leave you as confused as i was.

Then we bought a snack.

i dropped a piece on the ground later. and kicked it as it fell.

This man was in this iron lung looking thing and there was all this loud water swirling around in it, and he had a massage. there was a plastic sheet that separated him from the water, but it was like he was in a car wash, with automatic sprayers and stuff.
there was a big crowd.

and me with Gudrun. She was the proud owner of two new shirts and a pair of pants. and i had new gloves :)

Then tonight we went to this weird light show. there a bunch of big boulders on the hill and some company set up a light show on them.

they moved and swirled and all to the sound of The Prodigy. i laughed out loud, it was a little rediculous.

There was a couple dressed in "old time" outfits. Otto asked if we could take their picture, and they said, "its our job!"

i was laughing because i couldnt understand what they were saying, because they had a different dialect.

then the man said, "hello mr. bush" to me. and i said "no bush!"

and he laughed.

There were little kids with glow sticks around, and these two girls were pretending they were angels. i thought they deserved to have their picture taken, even though you can only see their halos.

in my town there is a play ground in downtown. it is very modern and the climbing things look like sculpute rather than jungle gyms.

but there is a cool miniature Canal Lock activity that kids can do. there is a pump with water and they can turn all the locks and possibly make boats and bring them.
i will do that someday.

oh yea...

heres my room

there is a night light on my desk. it turns on at 10.


Anonymous said...

Is your bed tiny? i can't tell from the picture.
that pretzel looks crazy big and delicious. :)


drifting said...

hello mr. bush!

the halos picture is awesome and it is good you're having a good time

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