I live in Bensheim, Germany.

I was roused from my 16 hour marathon sleep by my 13 year old brother Julian. It was 11 in the morning here, and i went downstairs to eat breakfast, which is big bread buns cut in half that you make open faced sandwiches from.

so i have 4 or 5.

then i got dressed when Gudrun came from church and she and i went back to her church to look at a festival they were having. it was just people sitting around, so we went back home. we took the car to the local 1000 year old castle

but before that she took me to meet my host aunt and her family. they have 3 very nice blond children who are also very curious. and shy.

then the castle was in a forest very much like west virginia's. the mountains here are very rounded and small too.

we ate a mittagsessen, which is lunch, and the main, hot meal. it was mashed potatoes, ground beef fried and an onion dish i can't describe.

so after wards, my host mother and father took me "downtown" where there are a lot of shops and cars cannot go.

i saw where my intesive german course is tomorrow and i ate ice cream. i got vanilla for a comparison and it was definately better than what i was used to. probably because it wasn't was i was used to.

we also saw the oldest house and the old city wall and blagh blagh blagh.

so back home i read a book and their child who is my exchange and is in michigan called. i talked to him and told him i like his room. he said he will be back before i leave next summer.

and we ate dinner which is basically breakfast again and i watched TV.

what did i watch? English CNN and Sumo Wrestling, of course.

now i will go to bed to wake up at 8.

i'll try to get some pictures for you.


Katy said...

Dear Scared Little Boy,
See we knew you could do it! Everything sounds wonderful and interesting. Don't give us that blah, blah, blah. We want to hear it all. Miss you already. My fridge is full and you aren't here to eat it. Oh, what to do? Soak it all up.

Benjamin said...

that is really awesome. don't you like having a culture around you? i think all the host families are really cool, they must have a test or something :D
does julian like the strokes?
miss you

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