it reaPictures OMG

OK. Here is my WONDERFUL host family. They are very jovial and fun. Julian is 13. he looks like harry potter we decided. Kostya is almost 18. Gudrun is a good mom and can speak english. she teaches chemistry and gym in a high school. this was her birthday. and Otto is a lawyer. You'd think he would be mean but he's very nice.

This is our house. it is in a row of townhouses and they have two garages. one for their car and one for crap. my room is at the top, of course.

this is their high tech kitchen. the motion sensored lights were turned on by the flash of the camera. i was so amazed by it, but they explained what happened. its still amazing.

this is their "garten". there are supposedly fish in the pond but i haven't seen any.

the living room is where we watch soccer and where i wait to go to school.

this is their street. lots of small cars and the speed limit is 30 kph. so i am guessing 15 mph?

and i woke up on monday, opened the blinds, and this is what i saw. it is by far the craziest, most beautiful sunrise i have ever seen. it was so nice and reassuring that i would be ok.

and here is my language teacher. i go to a language course in the morning. i do not go to high school yet. it is pretty easy and i know almost everything we have done so far. i did learn how to do the clock though. like 20 til and 5 after.
if you cannot see or notice. Volker(my teacher) has a handle bar mustach and wears chucks. he has at least 3 different pairs. he is a wine critic for a living i think. that is what my host dad said, because they know each other.

this is part of the class. i am the only american but i am technically russian so there are not any americans in the class. that is very foreign (hahahahaha) to me but it is definately alright and infact exciting. a lot of people speak english but you do not need it because Volker introduces new words by acting them out and the result is that there is a lot of laughter in this class.
i even have homework. it takes 5 minutes to do though.

and finally, last night i wanted to go to get the car filled. you can be astounded for yourself. thats about 60 to 65 dollars. for a small mercedes station wagon.

the car is nice :)


i also have to walk to school. it takes 20 minutes but today i had music in my ipod. the batteries are dead and i do not have a way to charge it yet. so tomorrow, i'll ride a bike.

the walk is nice though.

have a good day. hope you like the pictures.


Rahul Syamlal said...

Everything looks rich. Milk it.

Benjamin said...

yeah you are totally living large

Katy said...

You are one lucky guy. And after all of that worrying.
Tell them I love their garden. Enjoy it all.

Anonymous said...

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