La La Bop

So yes, i am currently being overwhelmed by the amount of Russian Homework I have, and I am learning so much in the language, i just can't prove it. So i wish she would just reset and assign some new stuff.


I am currently anticipating my birthday and hope to get everything done before it happens. which might be impossible but i will try to die trying. My birthday, oh oh oh. You know my last birthday was so miserably depressing i can't wait for this one to happen. and since facebook exists, everyone will know! ah. i am making goody bags, i believe. Anyone that wishes me a happy birthday will get one. I will just have a back pack of them! Ah that is such a great idea. I am listening to ska music. Ben.

Im older than everyone and act like this. This is good. What else? I didn't get that photography job. Yes it turns out they had 15 kids applying and though my photo skills are "strong" they denied me. Which is ok, but it was in an email. Which is like breaking up in an email, though generally accepted, the turn down over the internet. YOU HAVE A NEW MESSAGE! YOU YOU YOU NO NO NO.

its ok, because i run down the halls and i fill up my water bottle every time and the lunch ladies smile when they see me.

I also want to say hello to all the readers in Russia! I am studying Russian, finally, and hopefully will be able to write some letters. I just hope i have time. In a month or two i could probably write something very grammatically correct.


So for those who dont get actual physical goody bags, here are some.

Emma had a birthday. She is a very tall friend and in this photo, looks like the lady in Death to Smootchy.

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I painted a bike for her. With little hearts.

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Because that was the style in Germany and i thought it was amazing amazing. and We have this great old bike that we found. Emma Brendt and I. But it was old and black and ugly, so Brendt took it to the store and got air in the tires and a bell and aligned the chain. And i bought blue paint and red nail polish and was going to paint it ANYWAY, but i also got an adjustable screw for the seat, so now even Emma can change the height of the seat and ride it. Wonderful.

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Real photos.

I took this one at night too, experimenting with the shutter speed. Like a bike. Its the main campus area. the brochure frisbee field. by night.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is where i have math. Fuck mathematics in a mathematical building. BORING. awe, thanks tree. Thank you for adding chaos to the order some man built.

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A really cool band i saw a few weeks ago. Little Claw. This lady was, basically, incredible.

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Another show before the first one. These guys are brothers and play in a band called....Joe Headband or something. I met some nice kids at this show.

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I walk through this building everyday, as there is an arch through it. I want to take photos of this at different times of day and at different times of year. From the same angle. Like Monet, sorta.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Sun through the trees, blagh blagh.

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AND here is something incredible. I wonder where they park it.

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Thank you very much, everyone.

I think I'll go to sleep now and possibly have myself a great monday, full of work, full of productivity, full of rain and bike rides and my last teenage year is almost over.

I have almost completed my 19th year on earth, earning me the official title of 19, inspiring awe in little kids and making growing up even more real and even more of a thing to conquer and to fight.

But you know, as long as i can make people uncomfortable, i am doing something right. I believe.



Bernard said...

Wow, you're getting acclimated to Michigan really fast. Keep up the good work and keep up the putting hearts on bikes

Katy said...

Emma has a wonderful Carly Simon smile!

Katy said...

September 28
Happy Birthday Kostya
I know everyone will enjoy their goody bags. You are one of a kind.

mimi said...

a "present" for yooou

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Anonymous said...

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