8 more weekends or something.

i forgot to mention what happened to my bicycle. the experiment lasted for two weeks before the black, unnamed, brakeless vehicle was last seen at the train station. it was my fault that i left it there, having no other choice, and i waited 36 hours before coming back to see if it was there. of course not.

i have some thoughts about this:
1. perhaps the experiment is being done by someone else, and so, the bikes karma is not destroyed.
2. leaving it at the most dangerous place in town WITHOUT securing it to the bike rack with a tied white plastic bag could have possibly been a sub concious attempt to indirectly end the trial. that day i did almost have two accidents with cars and other bicyclists.
3. i ride the bus to school again, but some days, win and i walk to school, because we get there too early anyway.
4. the rear wheel was very very bent. in german, it had an 8. and i think that i made it worse because eventually it would start braking itself.
5. the best use for the bicycle was to akwardly fly into the school parking lot and ring the bell loud and then proudly park it into the rack. also, it was very useful in getting the attention of pretty girls on the streets. my friend sebastian thought it was a very very good idea.

i must say that girls here are weird. and date mysterious, annonymous guys 6 years older than them. i have discerned that there is hardly a point.

my parents are coming in 5 days and counting. what perils will we discover together? hopefully not the realization that wed rather spend time apart across oceans. that would be a total devastation of my maturing progress here.

if i were to step onto russian soil, i would be arrested for eshewing mandatory military service. not much difference in the states, as i am NOT a citizen and still must register with the service.

the service. how about some service here for my... for my... for this hole that has appeared in my cordoroys?

i also want to wish Ben and My mother a wonderful birthay, and a wonderful 20th and xxth year on earth.