yea so i went to school today. it was fun.

i had a lot of english today, and for my 2 hour break, i just went with a student teacher of english to her class. which was for older kids.

we listened to violent lyrics that a kid brought in. and discussed why kids like that stuff and i was told to go make photo copies, and i could.

and i also talked about dress codes and what ive experienced with them. and the teacher talked about school uniforms in her school in england.

i met kids and wasnt afraid. im in the 11th grade, which is for 16 and 17 year olds, so that will soon be fixed.

í am also pretty small compared to the boys here.

i thought so.

during physics, the class translated the problem to me and i wrote down some vocabulary like acceleration and velocity and inertia.

and during german, i stared out the window. mind on far away.

it was a good day though. the school reminds me of suncrest middle a little bit, but much bigger.

just something about the hallways i think.

the kids werent mean. neither were the teachers.

the school has a ton of art in it. there is a car parked in the middle court yard, which is for the oldest kids, where they are allowed to smoke. thats weird.

and there were characitures of famous people everywhere. like mahatma ghandi.

the school system works like this.

in 4 grade you decide if you are going to work with your hands, to be a professional, or something in the middle.

so the first group finishes after 7th grade or something, then the second after 13th and the third after 10th.

so you know what you are going to be when you are 10 or something.

i think that reminds me vaguely of A Brave New World, eh Rahul?

but more or less, someone said, grades determine it.

yea ok.

and after grade 13, they go to college. but kids in grade 13 are 19 and someimtes 20 years old, and i come in, tiny, and introduce myself as 18 and having finished school and going to university next year, they dont understand.

i go back next friday. it will be even better, i think.


drifting said...

That's a lot of structure which is pretty uncommon for where we live. How odd

Anonymous said...

i am glad you play with you toy everyday

i want to live on a ranch sometime, with navajo rugs

Homo Faber by Max Frisch is excellent. Disclaimer: you won't* like it.

<3 kenley

*meaning, have no expectations. i don't often read books people recommend.

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