The "Hills"

were beautiful, of course. i went back to bensheim early so that i can do something with young people, because i was with the host parents for a little bit too long.

NOW i am preparing for Berlin.

when i get back and have the right computer, expect a big update. many many awesome pictures i am very proud of.

i cant decide if i should do one section of the mountains and one of berlin, or put them together. you can answer and help.

and if my parents hopefully see this, email wasnt working friday, everything is ok.
wire me money for the ski tour which i have to pay by november 1.

360 euros. i hope thats ok.

i will try my email tomorrow. its probably just these crappy internet cafe computers.

love kostya.


Anonymous said...

totally post as much as you can! two whole weeks without any word i am ready to see what you did.

drifting said...

post them separately so I can say thats awesome twice because i am confident i will be saying that

Anonymous said...

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