Lazy, slow walking

It is starting to turn into fall here.

but in other places, there is still just green.

the clouds were pretty when i went for a walk. i finally had music, and everything just looked better than it had before.

This is the fountain in one of the main squares in town.

i dont know if it is a hand or a slide.

there were also of course kids playing like crazy on the futuristic play ground.
the ground around there is squishy, too, so you dont get hurt if you fall.

A very cool dog was not listening to a speech, but i found something more interesting than the speech, too.
(the dog)

outside a big bank building is this cool sculpture. it is this big ball that spins as water is forced under it.

sometimes, it gets stuck. i dont know why. i usually use my herculean strength to give it momentum again.

i sat down at a cafe, and Ettore, the italian guy, from the language course came by with his girlfriend.

hes 28 but acts 18. i dont know what to think about that. hes fun.

and this is what i usually do in language course. nothing. i am learning stuff though. grammer here is pretty illogical.

its fun though. i really like the teacher. ive certainly never met an adult like him before.

sorry i havent updated. i havent done anything new. i did go to a rotary sittaround a table with all the other rotary kids. it was fun.

tomorrow is a big rotary meeting. i will take some pictures.

and i will have to take pictures of my school, because it is pretty neat inside.


drifting said...

that dog is an airedale. i bet it raised your spirits to see a dog i guess it does for me

its good the music's back on, i'll email you back later


Anonymous said...

at first, the leaves picture looked like heaps of dead fish. the dog one + description of course = eggsalad
<3 kenley

Anonymous said...

it kind of looks like two hands held together at the wrists. i love the one of the kids on the playground. there's so many of them, and it looks like something they'll remember in a long time.


Anonymous said...

i never thought you were naive or scared...

or knew that you like office space or what dreams may come. i'll watch them.


eyelessinthemorningsun said...

I like your photographs. Everything does look better with music..I like to walk downtown in my city and just look at things and the people I see...all while listening to some good music. It's especially good to do this in the fall or the winter...there is something that just sparks contemplation during the cold months. I dont know, what do you think???

Anonymous said...

Kostya! its me! your cool 'adult' teacher (the english one, the girl...the fake one!)...see you in fridays lesson!
I like the pictures you have here! youre a right little pro with a camera, arent you?!
I hope you are learning things...like grammar is spelt "AR" not "ER"...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great pictures which make me miss Germany heaps. I am copying your picture of "no ice-cream" to send to my German friends. They send me pictures of lots of castles but never one like that! I hope you are enjoying your year. Best regards, Don Fidler (adjil@aol.com)

Anonymous said...

Hey Kostya, it's Kate. I keep trying to IM you but you never respond. I hope you're happy! I look at your blog everytime I get a chance. I still have a hard time believing you're out of high school.

Hope all is still well. I miss talking to you.

much love and pumpkins

Anonymous said...

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