Ionel Sandovici

Dear Kostya and Andrew,

Thank you so much for sending across the Atlantic the envelope that lost its way to the other Cambridge! You were extremely kind to spend your own money to do so. After a bit of Internet search I found your blog and this e-mail address.
So, it’s great to know that the twin town has a twin street and that at number 26 lives another Libra. Fantastic! I also work in science as you do.
As you very well said it at the end of your card, this is indeed a wonderful Universe!

Very best wishes,

Keep blogging. 26 Willow Way, Cambridge UK and 26 Willow St. Cambridge MA are now real friends and encourage YOUR continuing efforts in self-expression and personal growth.


ClueLess Alumnus said...

I would just like to say... Your pictures have amazing quality. And keep it up. :)

alla said...

this is another MOMENT...