I don't even know what to take pictures of with my digital camera. I guess I do have some photos from this past weekend. My dad came to see me with his friends, and we saw a hockey game in Detroit, as well as a real football game here at Michigan Stadium, which was exciting for a while. Most exciting was to go food shopping and to be able to go out to eat at a nicer restaurant in town.

I have been thinking recently about values and morals and my behavior, to me more specific. By being exposed to so much humanistic, classical, antique, religious and political thought, I am starting to really find it hard to disregard questions about religion, virtue, true human nature, and so many more things. Looking at the Renaissance paintings from Italy, each one tells the viewer about some righteousness or vice, how to be better and what will happen when I die. And it becomes more difficult to think that religion is trivial. And if there isn't a heaven, and I am not pious, then no problem, but if heaven does exist, then it would be in my best interest to choose a faith and feel like at least 50 more years of being a loser will pay off for an eternity of good.

Considering that intelligent people do generally disregard religion as impacting on their lives, but more like a curious phenomenon that can be studied and its influence on society in general This is the topic of many lectures and interests in centers of education around the world. So then the leaders of our society are then sent to hell? this doesn't seem to make much sense at all. The countless people that existed before Christ and didn't even HAVE the chance to be faithful now sit, supposedly, in Hell, and though they mostly are just punished by the longing for something better, not necessarily by pain or retribution.

So what is the best course of action? I am a glutton in the cafeteria, I have taken part in drinking and mirth, I am Vain along with so many kids, and intrude on the rights of others sometimes to gain an atvantage myself. Heresy flies from my mouth. The list of sins and wrongs go on. And does it make sense that I could just get rid of it all with a confession? I must also admit to question this practice. There is an interesting thing happening to me at the moment, a questioning of myself as a person. My parents told me that I would someday have to decide how big of a role religion will play in my life. In this frame of mind, however, that the decision comes to us all and that it is a matter of yes or no, does not seem to be enough. What appears to be true is that access to heaven will only result from great sacrifice and great inconveniences on the young adult that I govern and exist as.

And is it even worth it to worry what others thought centuries ago? When I really want to believe that I am a bag of genes and work everyday towards passing those on and to make sure that my kids will survive?

Yea, thats right.


I got an A on my politics mid-term.

Baird (my roommate) and I

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Gabby with his table costume.

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Mariel as the bunny eater?

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Brendt as Bob Ross.

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My room, I love it.

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Football! The big house folks. Should have some better real film photos of this soon.

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Katy said...

We want more. Give us more pics, more thoughts, more time.

Anonymous said...

um, i was just imagining that baird must look like that in times of not halloween as well.

Anonymous said...

ps that was me, eloise

Anonymous said...

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