New Years, man.

Before i begin, let me just say that new years here kicked ass. i cant begin, even, to really explain to you how much fun i had ushering in the new year. for my friends, this was another boring new years in bensheim, but for an exchange student, it was by far, the best night here.

and so the oceans turned.

i began by setting out alone into town, with a heavy packpack and my brand new hat. i didnt know what i was going to do yet, as no one had called me, but in town, i received a text message from Julian and was told to meet him in 45 minutes. for those 45 minutes, i went around trying to take pictures of fireworks, because see, the thing here with new years is lots of fireworks.

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finally i ran into a HUGE group of kids from school, interlaced with friends of mine. we stood around waiting, and some kids began already.

here is Sven, holding tourches that, they claimed, were bought with money that went to the flood victims.
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the kids instantly started blowing things up and here is a picture of people running away from a rather large firecracker.

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shortly before 12, the rally cry was called and we made our way to the parking garage. i didnt know why exactly at first, and we all just stood around. it was a relatively warm evening, as well.

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i didnt take pictures of the show, but i took videos. it was so great. people yelling at 12 or rather, 0:00, and for 15 minutes, bottle rockets up all over the city and we could see it. little explosions surrounded us as we yooped and hollared and did things that mothers fear.

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this is Julian and me. notice, the hat.

after the public show died down, us boys stayed around and played with the fire works.

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fleeing from the scene.

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Henning on the left, and "yo-yo" on the right. making our way along the main street, sulfurous smoke everywhere.

i stayed with henning for a while, but we separated and i made my way in the direction of home with some other kids. parties ended and we were stuck on the street, until someone decided to climb the mountain, and we spent the first early morning of 2005 looking over the city at night.

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i was a happy kid, as Julian and I walked slowly home.

next, my trip to Frankfurt with Karla, the Mexican exchange student.

until then!



Anonymous said...

um fireworks? yes i am jealous. gelous. mmmmmmmm.
hellooooooooooooo. picture dr. seuss characters here. [picturing]

<3 kenlee

the nd.

Anonymous said...

fabulous fabulous


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say thank you for the letter, as well as the music and the pictures of you. I will add the pictures to my poorly kept collection of pictures of my friends. Someday I will put them into an album, so far the only ones in an album are ones I collected together for school projects. I hope the rest of your stay in Germany is fantastic. Also, at the time I rode in the back with the bicycle I was a tad upset, I'll admit. However, I forgive you. It obviously wasn't your fault at all, considering you didn't know I would be bumming a ride off of you. So I should be the one apologizing for being a poor sport. I would also like to apologize for any bitterness I may have harbored towards you that you may not have known about. It was never really towards you at all, I realize, but more towards the fact that Nora enjoyed spending so much time with you and not really enjoyed spending time with me. I don't know if you knew I sort of felt sad about that, but now you know. I felt you should know. So thank you for being my friend, and I hope things start looking up. I really do like you. You're such an interesting person. Good luck in life.

and one last thing before I'm done rambling, I walked by your old house the other day and told Sean about the party you had there when the power went out


ps. I don't know how to send letters internationally, so this is the best I could do. Also, I hope anything I said does not upset you in any way. I don't think it should.

Bernard said...

That's awesome!

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