The City of Frankfurt

Karla is a Mexican exchange student here in bensheim. Also a part of Rotary, though i will say a more optimistic one. To be frank, like all girls i would never fall in love with, she refuses to have her picture taken. So i cant PROVE to you i didnt go to Frankfurt alone, but i did go with someone else.

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the old opera house. opera houses always look small. i would say that opera houses are the smallest attractions in big cities. they just look tiny compared to other buildings one would visit and admire.

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I will never throw away these shoes.

Do you guys know who Goethe is? The famous 18th century german writer, accompishing, amoung other things, the poem-novel Faust. Well here is his house and i was inside. He had a lot of clocks, and grew up here, and so, was a priviledged and aristocratic writer, and so, i cant really understand what was so interesting and astounding about him. his friend Schiller, i would say, would be more rewarding to read.

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AHHH i dont even think Dr. Seitz reads these anymore, but here is another photo for him. The site of the Congress that resulted from the Revolution of 1848 in Germany (though there were revolutions all over Europe that year)
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And now everyone will think, "ahh those german houses!" yes, here are those german buildings. half-timber houses. this is in the main square in Frankfurt, and I felt really good standing in this area. its just so nice.
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A view of Frankfurt. on the right is the old city, and there you can see the sky scrapers and New Buildings that were possible because of the total destruction of this city in the second world war.
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This was the second time in a row that the NUTELLA RESTAURANT was closed. I came here in december and it was also closed. disappointment for all.
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The city hall. Still adourned with the Christmas Tree. Shitty compared to Rockefellar Center.
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This fine individual played Country Roads. I gave him 10 cents and remembered for the 100th time that John Denver is dead.
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Oh yes, here is a picture of Karla. This photo shows how we were "running" to catch our evening train home. It was a good day, although, of course, as everything here, had depressing attributes.
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Soon, i will put up a myriad of photos from this week and possibly next week.

What would our chairs look like if our knees bent the other way?


Benjamin said...

i remember being killed by laughter after you answered all those questions in acedemic bowl about goethe.
and i still love your writing. although i have my suspicions that you were indeed traveling alone

Katy said...

I don't know how you manage to be grim and funny at the same time, but I'm lol. Frankfurt is pretty.

mimi said...

:D that was wonderful. And nothing wrong with being a little "grim" every now and then. I would be too if the gnutella restaurant were always closed. I haven't read Goethe, but Schiller is very special to carleton and maybe kenley has told you. maybe not. have fun :)

Anonymous said...

the fact that someone else took a number of your pictures kinda prooovs that you were not alone there.

Anonymous said...

if our knees bent the other way we would look like boxes/tables


Bernard said...

Opera houses may be small but the people inside have big big voices

hope to talk to you sometime soon?

Anonymous said...

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