Well, I Feel Silly

Ah, the ski tour to the italian alps.
So me and some thai kids,
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decided to go skiing.

we took a bus.
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we stayed in a hotel. it was very basic, but comfortable, with 6 people to my room. i didnt mind, this time.

every morning we would eat the same thing for breakfast and then get to the mountain with a "ski bus". a major theme of rotary tour is waiting.
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this is our group, chaotically waiting. thats mark. hes from new zealand.

cant get tired of this:
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i skied with two other guys. we did it all laid back, with plenty of breaks and plenty of goofing off.
this is pat, from australia.
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and this is Jay, from Oklahoma.
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One of these types:
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because everything was so beautiful.

the whole week i didnt shower ::bows:: because it was just too much of a hastle. i think going to the sauna counted, though.
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the coolest thing about my outfit was that i had a huge jacket which made me look kinda round, a backpack, a sweet hat, and bell bottom ski pants provided by my host family. they also gave me skis and boots and poles, which was really awesome.

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so awesome.

this is us at lunch. always potatoes prepared in the french maner and nudles. on the left is alison from australia. she reminded me alot of bernie. hey bernie.
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have you ever had vegimite? its an australian thing made by kraft to smear on bread. tasted like eggplant, i thought.

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this is me and David, pronounced Dahveed, from mexico. we won a race thing the whole group did. a prize of a bottle of wine was awarded. ill get pictures of the race later from someone else.

in the evenings we would sometimes go out.
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the very left is Hellen from australia. i like them australians.

the view from lunch one day.
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lunch time always lasted hours because of ensuing hillarity:
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pat pointing to where we ate every day.

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basically, this was the greatest week i have had in Europe so far. it was just so much fun to talk in english and to make jokes and laugh until i was crying and i just dont have that anymore here. it was certainly sad to leave it, but i made some great friends that i will go visit soon.

snow on our trip home :o)
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note: i did NOT get drunk, mom.

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until next week, which will include my first hardcore catholic christmas experience. wish me luck.



Rahul Syamlal said...

It`s been a long time since I`ve been able to see your site/comment on it...

FYI: My highschool here in Japan blocks your site: There is a picture of a St. Bernard and then some Japanese and at the top of the window it says: `Bess can`t go there`....just thought you would like to know the Japanese school system is supressing your freedom of speech

Anyways, your Rotary trip was fun..I decided. And mine was too (three days in Tokyo) for much of the same reasons as yours

Anonymous said...

Kostya rules.


Benjamin said...

I'll tell you what, there is a huge variety when it comes to these exchanges. Most obvious (I suppose) is the large amount of alcohol present in germany, as would be expected. I think I have had a glass of wine in the span of 4 months.
and those alps pictures were KUH-RAZY
oh yeah the TV channel Gaora plays DJ Shadow on their commercial for football. made me think of you first.
miss you

Anonymous said...

That looks like a whole hell of a lot of fun. It's just the usual cold bitter nothing to do here in West Virginia. Keep having a great time

(i keep forgetting the name i use to comment fukkk)

Anonymous said...

hehehe theres the one that reminds you of me!!

just wanted to say that one day the australians are going to take over, cause first we'll get you all to like us, then we'll just move our arses on in.

wheres the stories about the cream kostja? you holding back on me?

naja, machts gut ihr alle. ali is about to pass out on the keyboard.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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