the best day was yesterday.

and i mean that literally and metaphorically.

hair cut
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theres nothing to tell. except that my family was pressuring me to do it. they even paid for it. i didnt like that very much. now everything is colder.

but ok here is the best part of my week: saturday we went to strausburg.

who lives in strausburg?
this person:
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yes how awesome. we both basically just kept exclaiming how cool it was that we were in europe and met up. she is speaking very good french. i was impressed.

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agata with cathedral.

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something very few pictures are taken of.

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cool trains. they are getting rid of them, agata says, because the french are snotty.

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at night, walking fast to meet my host parents.

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some more of the christmas market. world famous, you know.

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ahh i was so happy. that was so fun. the quickest 6 hours i have had in a LONG time.

i want to go home.


Katy said...

Now that was beautiful. I'll bet you had such a good time. Did your host parents take you to meet Agata?
How could you want Motown over that!

Anonymous said...

who is it with the camera? paparocci? looks like.
it seems fantastic place. did you see anything there

Turnschuhmädel said...

Hihi. I'm pretty sure you went to Strassburg, I think i recognize the cathedral. Doesn't matter though. it's the most beautiful place. the girl is right though, the French ARE a bit snobby etc...
I'm pretty sad I'm missing the Christmasmarkets and the gluehwein this year. It'll all be over by the time I'm home and over my jetlag. You gotta go and see the christmasmarket in Heidelberg if you get a chance. That's the best and you find the best presents as well. Even you don't it doesn't matter because the city itself is so beautiful that it just casts a spell on you. the castle, the streets, the old houses... Not like boring benstown and Ourbeach (=Auerbach) that can give you the creeps.

Turnschuhmädel said...

hey, it's nora again. i know this is pretty random but for the last hour, i read through your complete homepage and it was fully exciting. i haven't seen pictures of home for so long and i'm just going through it and it's all "wow, i know that place" and "hey, he must have gone to Edeka or something". It's good coz I'm getting so incredibly depressed that i'm going back and it's all weird and school finished so i got nothing to do. It's been 10,5 months. That's just so..unreal. yeah, anyway, what i really wanted to say was man, you're going to my school!!!I looked at all the pictures you've taken and i recognized the drawing and if I'm not completely gone that Ghandi picture is on the wall in the Goethe Gymnasium Bensheim. Your street looked familiar as well, I wondered if that's close to the Weststadthalle but I really don't know. K, sorry for bothering you with all of this, i know it's slightly crazy coz you don't even know me, I just realized this year that life's too short to be shy and that it's the biggest mistake not to talk to people that seem interesting etc. And you do:)
i met the most awesome people from all over the world this year and became friends with them and it's been interesting and great and amazing. Sooooooooo I hope i'll hear from you and we can go for coffee or a drink or dancing or whatever you like sometime after Christmas. cheers

Benjamin said...

a few things:
ONE: crazy awesome that you got to meet agata. i can't belive it.
TWO: i don't know about the haircut, but the shirt gets two thumbs up :]
THREE: i am sad that benstown is not exciting, or so says "nora"
overall, awesome

Turnschuhmädel said...

oh well. I've been living around that area for about 14 years and Bensheim really is just a little town so ultimately a big bunch of the people there are pretty conservative, partly even pro Iraq-war which, I think, is bloody unbelievable. It can be nice though as soon as you meet some cool people which unfortunately can be quite hard. For me at least coz i'm a bit of a leftie and interested in what's going on which most of the people aren't, really. they are born there and they die there and everybody's got the same last name and their kids are just gonna be the same, going on a holiday to Mallorca once a year and telling you afterwards how awesome it was, they swam in the pool (coz the seawater's so disgusting) and they met heaps of germans and partied with them. that's what i mean by boring...

Turnschuhmädel said...

PS i agree on the shirt and the haircut:) but after all, I'm a long-hair-fanatic

Anonymous said...

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