Liquid Wednesday

these aren't photographs but I think they are beautiful. Elegant, no?

Y.Z. Kami

I lay in bed this morning for a long time. Sometimes I lay in bed and wonder what is coming of me or what direction I am going. I think about love and what i've done to people, I think about how my body feels without touching it, I think about how long i can stare at the same spot on my wrist. Dead period. I usually feel good when I make myself get up, when I make a cup of coffee for myself, when I eat, when I put my clothes on I feel short sometimes, and other times I feel tall. Sometimes my stomach is big and sometimes it is not. My legs are surprisingly slender even though I ride my bike to work everyday. Today it is a windy day, as I can see looking out my living room window, the leaves are pouring off the trees. Red and yellow droplets are flowing along the sidewall lines of my house, snaking down the windows, pooling in the street, collecting in the storm drains, drowning the rats in the sewer, collecting in my bicycle fenders... Beautiful. My trip to work today will be full of resistance, it will be me thinking about the fluidity of the atmosphere, of my volume displacing the volume of the air infront of me, around me. It will be me thinking through myself as a knife, cutting through in linear fashion. Cut Cut Cut. right? Stay out of my way!

I think i'm going to go see Jonathan Safran Foer tonight.

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Sonya said...

These portraits are amazingly "silent".