I just came back last night, dragging my suitcase off the bus and up the hill to my host aunt`s house where i am currently kicking it, as my real host family is in america and supposedly, being treated like kings.

Sadly, i am probably not going to be able to post any photos for another 2 weeks. I have retrieved my lap top from my house today, but of course, ´school is out for spring break. this week, my host aunt, Martina, wants to take me to all these cities around here that i havent been to yet, and i also plan on spending some time with Karla and Win. Wednesday we are going to Mannheim to visit San.

Well the tour was basically what you can expect. 47 kids, 4 Helpers and a Busdriver. To the misfortune of most of the girls on the trip, any male over 25 that was on the bus was a shameless pervert. Days were basically in a drive all day, sightsee all day pattern, but slowly i kind of liked riding on the bus, just because i read my books and listened to music and laughed together with Jay.

Yes if you can remember Jay from Cologne, he was thankfully with us and otherwise i would have certainly gone insane. at first i imagined that i wouldnt be talking to anyone at all, but by the end of the trip, i had made so many friends and really learned to enjoy the company of people i would have never attempted in the past.

I really wish i could put some photos up but of course, with me you have to wait a long long time.

In london i met my sister. yes folks, i have a half sister and she is 26 and i have never met her. she took me out to good noodles and we talked about the dreaded future. Her name is Elizabeth and she seems to have a very comfortable young adulthood, making me a proud brother.

Paris managed in slightly disappointing because of the yet barren tree limbs. Just the atmosphere was not as nice as it could have been. Hot but still looking like fall. Also, the Palac dOrsay was closed. But that encourages me to come back.

I liked drinking a glass of wine and eating 2 sections of brie on the banks of the Seine.

The south of france was a breeze through which was not enjoyable because of the rediculous amounts of time on the bus. i will, however, point out that i saw the blue Mediterranean and visited Posh Monoco.

The best is yet to come in the next post.

but i have to go. Friday i am leaving with Herr Degan and 30 other kids in my "Accomplishment course" biology class for Toscanny. A week of beaches and other cities with kids who probably wont really care as much as exchange students.

I miss all those kids, and everyone was so sad to go back to their German Families, all of which seem to have the same common behaviors. surprise.

Love, kostya.


Katy said...




Benjamin said...

kostya launches shock and awe campaign against my mother. oh no!
that sounds like a wonderful trip to me, even with the long hours on the bus. and meeting people is wonderful so you can't go wrong there. looking forward to seeing the pictures.

Tik said...

i like your website.It´s cool.
i will read it if i have free time.
Why do u called us Thai kids??


Anonymous said...


i'm glad you enjoyed my company on the tour, because i was definitely glad you were there. i went back to school today and it sucked...

my comeback was not as glorious as i had hoped.

viele grüße von annette


Anonymous said...

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