its ok now

my host family and i are going to do battle today. them with the favor to win because i havent been very good. i guess.

but i woke up today and the mom was crying and they were saying, "he does what ever he wants!!"


i am at school and i wish i could stay here all day.

and for breakfast there was a stale end of a loaf of bread for me.

and just cheese.


i have a picture.

but this is going to be hillarious.

oh god.

and i got an email that said that i didnt pay for my ski tour (and i did)

and basically, holy shit.



Benjamin said...

the bread and cheese diet, hope all this stuff works out

Anonymous said...

hey, what kind of cheese did you get?

Anonymous said...

:: sadness :: kostya, darling, i couldn't get the pictures on the berlin page to work except for the huge arch tower. bread and cheese? like a mouse?

i like the kostya ish descriptive interpretation of the tour, especially the four out of five dome points. hah.

<3 me

Anonymous said...

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